brand styling

|| with social media changing every day, your brand needs a constant.

This is a dynamic service bringing you fresh custom made content every month with a designer who understands your brand.


Working with you and our creative team simultaneously to make sure your content is delivered when you need it most.


|| how does it work?

Making your campaign process easier. 

We’ve simplified everything for you. All you have to do is review the curated content based on your monthly or weekly brief.

You choose what platforms to be on, whom your followers are and how you want to engage this month.


At AlexLatte, we see the media we produce as your voice. We believe that influencers and brands are the best example of how we tailor our media consumption. It is based on an account feeding people with content and messages they love.

You as a brand want to become a natural part of that content - content that stands out. You want to look authentic, relevant and beautiful, and you want to do it with a low risk and with a high reward.


We provide brands, influencers and agencies with the tools, design and motivation to do this in the most professional, transparent and sophisticated way possible. It’s paid social marketing done right.

Each plan contains different pieces of content that can be arranged as needed.

Whether you need to spend all of your content for the month on professional photography editing or 2 big animations, we can always adapt.

We create content for every platform, see what is included in each of our plans below.

|| What is included?