about us

ALEXLATTE was founded by Spanish Designer and Content Creator, Alexander Lattke, who fell in love with the power of social media after having the opportunity to create content for Talent Management Agencies and Model Agencies and seeing how traditional talent has evolved.


In 2015 he discovered that Luxury Brands spend enormous amounts of money every year trying to engage with countless different demographics without being able to provide the right content they need. At the same time, Influencers find themselves overwhelmed by brands and their creativity meets a limit. 


ALEXLATTE offers Influencers and Brands a common platform where they can come together and create the content that they both need. 


For a fixed price...You can reach more people, your total engagement would be far higher, and instead of having one piece of content to repurpose, you'd have new custom made content every month!


Since Social Media evolves every day and Advertising needs to catch up, ALEXLATTE was born.


Our mission? Bring your followers and potential customers content they engage with.

Founder & Lead Designer

Alexander L